ProcureAPro is the business marketplace of RESPOND. RESPOND has been connecting buyers and sellers of consumer services since 1999. ProcureAPro has been introduced to connect business purchasers and business providers.

Our mission at ProcureAPro is to connect business purchasers with business providers. Already more than 10,000 business purchasers and providers are part ProcureAPro. As active members of ProcureAPro, business purchasers access tools to make better informed decisions. At the same time, ProcureAPro enables providers to obtain targeted and timely product and service requests from interested and ready to buy purchasers.

ProcureAPro works because our members agree to our Community Mission Statement. As a community of professionals, all members are required to respect the time and expertise of others. Providers, Purchasers, even ProcureAPro have responsibilities that are clearly stated and understood.

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