ProcureAPro is a marketplace for purchasers and providers of business products and services. It increases the efficiency of each by providing a forum to communicate, share information and conduct business. Like all successful marketplaces each member (whether a purchaser or provider) has certain rights and obligations as expressed in the ProcureAPro Mission Statement.
For Purchasers

Purchasers use ProcureAPro as a central source for gathering information about business products and services, researching providers and receiving provider quotes.

ProcureAPro enables purchasers to refine product and service requirements via a customized set of qualifying questions. Using this information, providers give a complete and accurate response to the business request. Each provider pledges to adhere to the strict rules of the ProcureAPro marketplace. Namely that they commit to providing timely and professional responses to purchaser requests and providing outstanding service to ProcureAPro members.

ProcureAPro is absolutely free to purchasers. It's supported by providers who pay a nominal fee to participate. ProcureAPro works because providers offer more competitive quotes and pricing when purchasers are qualified and ready to buy.

For Providers

ProcureAPro enables providers to obtain targeted and timely product and service requests from interested and ready to buy purchasers.

For each product or service, ProcureAPro supplies actionable sales leads to providers in those categories. Providers select the business categories and can filter leads based on specific criteria such as purchaser requirements and geographic location. In addition, each purchaser pledges to adhere to the strict rules of the ProcureAPro marketplace. This requires purchasers to provide timely feedback to provider quotes.

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